“Brand Yourself”

Brand yourself is a website that anyone can use to improve their visibility online. When logging onto the website you search your name (into google) and you can go through the search results and identify which links lead to you.

After you are identified, you get graded on how you are seen through the eyes of the world wide web.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 6.01.34 PM.png

Farrell, C (Feb. 1. 17). Brand yourself score [screenshot]. Retrieved from Http://brandyourself.com

D-… a grade I am utterly unfamiliar with. This is the score I received on the website   . Although I am unhappy with a score this low, it makes sense. I am only a college sophomore who only recently made a Linkedin account. It also does not help that there is apparently an author also named Claire Farrell

My goal is to eventually be able to google myself and be relevant enough in society that I am the person that comes up first when you search Claire Farrell.


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