Using SEO/SEM for Model United Nations and PR Tips

I  recently had the chance to learn about Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing in my CAP 105 class. Through Google AdWords I was able to input key words and phrases I thought people would possibly enter into an engine, such as Google, and from there Google Adwords gave me several alternative key words and phrases people might enter into a search for my blog.

Here are some of the key phrases I came up with

(including average monthly searches):

  • GVSU                                     10K-100K
  • MUN                                      10K-100K
  • Public Relations                 100K-1M
  • Communications               10K-100K
  • Time Management            100K-1M

Here are some of the alternative phrases from Google

(including average monthly searches):

  • PR tips                                 100K-1M
  • Model United Nations    10K-100K
  • Media PR                             10K-100K
  • MUN Conferences            1k-10K
  • PR expertise                       100K-1M

Some examples I could use in titles or articles to incorporate the Google suggested key words/phrases would be:

  • PR Tips to Spread the Word About Your Business”
  • Model United Nations Etiquette and Advice”
  • “How PR and Social Media Go Hand in Hand”
  • “Dressing for success at MUN Conferences
  • “Firms That Offer the Best PR Expertise

I am hoping that now with the knowledge of using Google Adwords I can increase the popularity and followers of my blog.


Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 7.15.34 PM.png

Farrell, C. (March 16, 2017) Google AdWords [png.] Retrieved from



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