Becoming Professionally Linkedin

IMG_2464.jpgLast week I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn valuable professional skills at the Grand Valley State University event “Linkedin 2.0.”  As you all know by now, I am all about keeping up the “Claire Farrell” brand and I am always looking for more ways to up my professional game; this event was a great way to do so.

This 3 hour long event offered free professional head shots and a lecture hosted by GVSU alumnus Meahgan Pear, who now works in the marketing field. Meahgan focused on the idea of utilizing Linkedin to create the best possible front for you and your brand.IMG_2460.jpg


Pear gave statistics about Linkedin and some of the most interesting Linkedin facts I learned are;

  • It is the oldest and largest professional social network (before MySpace!)
  • There are 2 new members per second
  • There are 467 Million members GLOBALLY

The four big reasons to use Linkedin according to Pear are that it shows;

  1. Who you are.
  2. What you’re known for.
  3. What you want to be known for.
  4. The impression you (want to) leave.

After going to this event I decided to add to my resume and somewhat revamp my Linkedin profile. Here is my updated RESUME, as well as my Linkedin profile.


Farrell, C (April 11, 2017) Networking Photos[jpg.] Retrieved from personal photos.


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